Kels was born in Richmond, Virginia and raised in South Texas.  His love has always been in Film Production.  He worked through out the 1990’s technically on Hollywood productions that came to Utah, including Touched by an Angel, Halloween 6 and Species.  He then moved over to corporate video and worked with companies such as Novell, Iomega, Franklin Covey and Young Living.  In 2002 he produced and distributed the LDS Film "Handcart" to 50 theaters.  In 2005, he worked for Blendtec and produced the famous Will it Blend campaign for 10 years, which garnered over half a billion views and became one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns of the time. This, in turn grew sales for Blendtec upward of 100 million dollars.  Recently, he directed a made-for-TV archaeological series called "Hidden in the Heartland" and a feature-length documentary on the 1980’s band, The Jets called "The Jets: Making It Real".  Kels is also the former owner of the LDS Film Festival. He currently lives with his wife Stephanie and 5 children in Orem, Utah.