Kels Goodman currently works under the name TIER 2 MEDIA, a company created to produce product that helps make the complex issues of the day understandable through the use of film and media.  

Goodman has worked for 25 years in the film business based out of Utah.  In LDS Cinema he is known for films such as HANDCART, TEARS OF A KING: THE LATTER-DAYS OF ELVIS PRESTLEY and WAYWARD.

He is known in the viral marketing world for WILL IT BLEND, one of the most successful campaigns of all time, garnering a half a billion views. 

He just recieved an "Excellence in Filmmaking" award for his political thriller, THE LAST EAGLE SCOUT, now available on DVD.

He is currently in production on an archeological series called HIDDEN IN THE HEARTLAND, which features new evidence on locations of the Book of Mormon.